Biosafety cabinet applications


A biosafety cabinet is a container that provides a closed environment to handle hazardous biological materials. It is commonly used in laboratories and healthcare research centres.

Application areas of biosafety cabinets:

Microbiological research and testing:

Biosafety cabinets play a vital role in microbiological research by handling microscopic organisms such as viruses and bacteria. It prevents the release of hazardous materials and protects researchers and the integrity of the experiments.

Biotechnology industries:

It maintains a controlled environment, minimizes the danger of cross-contamination and assures product quality and safety.

Diagnostic laboratory:

In clinical and diagnostic laboratories, biosafety cabinets are used for handling hazardous test samples, performing diagnostic tests, and conducting microorganism research.

Hazardous substances:

Biosafety cabinets are not only used to handle biological materials but also hazardous substances such as toxic chemicals and radioactive materials.

Animal research facilities:

Biosafety cabinets are used to ensure a sterile environment for treating lab animals, especially when processes involve the handling of infectious diseases or biologically modified organisms.